Julia Amos

Administrator and Research Fellow


In addition to her work for CRIC, Dr Amos is the Programme Manager of the War and Peace at Oxford Research Network and a Research Associate and Steering Committee member of the Centre for International Studies at the Department of Politics and International Relations Oxford. The focus of her research is the prevention and amelioration of political violence and conflict, especially in developing countries. She holds a doctorate in Development Studies from Oxford and an MPhil in the same subject, for which she was awarded the top distinction in 2006 and received the Eugene Havas Memorial Prize for Distinguished Performance, as well as a first in her BA (Hons) from the University of York.

She has travelled extensively in West Africa for her research, studying conflict affected communities first-hand. Areas of specialisation include political economy, public health, mediation, inter-group conflict, ethnicity, conflict resolution, NGOs and non-state peacebuilding organisations, human security, New Humanitarianism, traditional leadership and traditional leadership institutions.

Dr Amos has taught graduates and undergraduates at Oxford University since 2007, on courses including Development Studies, Global Governance and the History and Politics of the Developing World. Within these broader subjects her areas of special interest lie in the interaction between the politics of violence and development.