Hoshang Waziri

Visiting Research Fellow


Hoshang Waziri is a writer and a researcher with a background in the Arts and Drama. A playwrite and an author, Hoshang has directed his deep knowledge of Middle East culture and the Arabic language towards understanding violence. Since 2014, Hoshang has been a researcher and currently spends his time between Iraqi Kurdistan and Washington D.C.

Hoshang has played a key role in scientific research, specifically serving as the lead interviewer with the experimentally designed research throughout the Middle East. His research has taken him to the front-lines in conflict zones, most notably exploring the value structures and identities of Kurdish fighters, Iraqi Army soldiers, and Sunni tribal fighters. The research drawn from this work has been used in seminal peer reviewed publications related to the Devoted Actor Model and the will to fight and die.

Hoshang is published in highly prestigious Western and Middle East outlets. His highlights include a collection of political essays titled ‘Between Two Iraqs’ (2014) and his play, ‘Ishmael’s Places’, which won first prize in the Arab Theater Institute’s 2015 competition.

He holds a degree in Theater and Drama from the University of Baghdad.